Sunday, 26/5/2019 | 10:05 UTC-8

Bob Dole Just Revealed the Miraculous Reason Behind His Salute to George H.W. Bush

On Wednesday George H.W. Bush’s life was celebrated as his body lay in state in the Capitol. During the memorial, Sen. Bob Dole (Senate Republican leader during Bush’s presidency) approached the casket in his wheelchair. As he reached the casket, his aid helped him to his feet. After a few seconds of silence, Dole brings his left hand to his head in a noble salute to our country’s 41st commander-in-chief’s casket (Dole lost use of his right arm from an injury in WWII).

Later, when asked about the salute on Fox Insider, Dole says that it just happened and was not planner. He says he just wheeled up to the rotunda to “say goodbye,” but he felt his hand go up in salute.

“They stood me up, and it was almost automatic. My left hand came up to my forehead without even being… planned.”

For a period of time, Dole and Bush was political rivals, but it seems they set the conflict aside and learned to work together for the good of America.

“When he was president, I was the Republican leader in the Senate. We got things done because we worked with our Democratic colleagues. Most of the things we passed were bipartisan,” Dole told reporters.

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